Former Programs

A list of previous programs from the meetings:

Prior to 1999, there are only bits and pieces of FGS records. If you have any old Taproots, old emails, or old handouts, we would be happy to take them or get a copy.

Sept 28, 1999: New things in Genealogy & State of Society Report by Connie Bradbury
Oct 26, 1999: Illinois and Missouri Research by Nancy Schafer
Nov 23, 1999: Passing on Enthusiasm to Others through Genealogy Research by Gigi Lemoine
Jan 25, 2000: Alaska’s City, State, and Federal Records by Connie Thomas
Feb 22, 2000: (unknown)
Mar 28, 2000: Wisconsin and New York Research by Richard & Rachel Levine
Apr 25, 2000: Understanding Genealogy Websites by FNSB Library Computer Staff
May 23, 2000: (unknown)

unknown, MISSING

*2001/2002 Location: Noel Wien Library
Jan 22, 2002: 1900 Alaska Census by John Cook (TAPROOT MISSING)
Feb 26, 2002: Publishing Your Family Genealogy by Chuck Dimon

(UNKNOWN DATE): Using a Digital Camera to copy old photographs by Joan Skilbred

*2002/2003 Noel Wien Library
Sept 17, 2002: Share discoveries you made this summer by FGS members
Oct 22, 2002: What is the Alaska State Recorder’s Office by a representative of the Office
Nov 25, 2002: Fairbanks Centennial Project by Ron Inouye
Jan 28, 2003: Recommendations for the Fairbanks Noel Wein Library online database by FGS members
Feb 25, 2002: Using a Scanner to save photos and documents by Mike Downing
Mar 25, 2003: The 1930 Census, it’s Peculiarities, and some Unique Discoveries by Connie Bradbury
Apr 22, 2003: Local Library Resources, How to use the Family History Center Catalog and Little Known Family History Resources by Adele Virgin
May 27, 2003: Photo Editing by Joan Skilbred

*2003/2004 Noel Wien Library
Sept 23, 2003: SAR – Fairbanks Chapter? by Jack Stallings and Federation of Genealogical Societies by Connie Bradbury
Oct 28, 2003: Czechoslovakian Research by Joe Strunka
Jan 27, 2004: Knocking Down Brick Walls by Connie Bradbury

*2004/2005 Noel Wien Library
Sept 28, 2004: Home Movies 2004 Style by Joan Skilbred
Oct 26, 2004: The Library of Congress by Joan Skilbred
Nov 23, 2004: How to Use your Computer to Organize your Genealogical Records by Sue Renkert
Jan 25, 2005: Using Land Records by Nancy Shafer
Feb 22, 2005: Church Records by Joan Skilbred
Mar 22, 2005: Show and Tell by FGS members
Apr 26, 2005: Show and Tell by FGS members
May 24, 2005: Using Aerial Photographs by Paolo Greer and Cemetery Research by Joan Skilbred

*2005/2006 Noel Wien Library
September MISSING
Oct 25, 2005: Show and Tell by FGS members
Nov 22, 2005: What’s in Juneau? by Erika Miller
Jan 24, 2006: A Healthy Body, the Future of the FGS by Nancy Shafer
Feb 28, 2006: February is Black History Month by Joan Skilbred
March 2006: According to the Allen Co Public Library, no issue was published.
Apr 18, 2006: The Taproot did not indicate the program or the speaker
May 23, 2006: by Joan Skilbred

*2006/2007 Noel Wien Library
Sept 26, 2006: Silent Auction by FGS members
Oct 24, 2006: Cite your Sources, and Source your Sites by Connie Bradbury
Nov 28, 2006: Military Records, Remembering some Local Veterans
Jan 23, 2007: 1900 Alaska Census (part 2 from 2002) by John Cook
Feb 27, 2007: unknown (cancelled? was not indicted in the Taproot)
Mar 27, 2007: Tracing the Origins of the Gwich’in People by Adeline Raboff
Apr 24, 2007: Birch Hill Cemetery and the Fairbanks Funeral Home by Keith and Amanda Blanchard *at Fairbanks Funeral Home and Crematory
May 29, 2007 (1 week late): Show and Tell by FGS members *at Noel Wein Library

*2007/2008 Noel Wien Library
Sept 25, 2007: Diggin’ Up Dirt (researching criminal records) by Joan Skilbred
Oct 30, 2007: Skeletons in Our Closets by Joan Skilbred
Nov 27, 2007: Order out of Chaos by Connie Bradbury
Jan 29, 2008: Family Facts by Joan Skilbred
Feb 26, 2008: Show and Tell by FGS members
Mar 25, 2008: Clay St. Cemetery by Karen Erickson
Apr 16, 2008: Introduction to Genealogical Research at the National Archive by Bruce Parham
May 27, 2008: FGS Officer Elections and Show and Tell by FGS members

*2008/2009 Noel Wien Library
Sept 30, 2008: How I Spent My Summer Vacation by FGS members
Oct 28, 2008: Ancestry New Search Features by Joan Skilbred
Nov 25, 2008: Searching Old Newspapers by Anne Castle
Jan 27, 2009: Polar Regions Archives Report by Joan Skilbred
Feb 24, 2009: Patronyms by Joan Skilbred
Mar 24, 2009: Member Demonstrations by FGS members
Apr 28, 2009: DNA Analysis, Useful or Useless, in Your Family History Research? by Betsy Robertson
May 26, 2009: Gold Dredge #8 Tour on location

*2009/2010 Noel Wien Library
Sept 22, 2009: New Research Ideas by Joan Skilbred
Oct 27, 2009: Using Google for Genealogical Research by Anne Castle
Nov 24, 2009: Show and Tell by FGS members
Jan 26, 2010: Ancestry Newspapers Tips by Joan Skilbred *at Chapel of Chimes Funeral Home
Feb 23, 2010: Show and Tell by FGS members
Mar 23, 2010: Working With Old Photos by Joan Skilbred
Apr 27, 2010: Manley Hot Springs Cemetery Book by Erika Miller
May 25, 2010: Alaska Heritage House Bed and Breakfast Tour

*2010/2011 Chapel of the Chimes
Sept 28, 2010: Genealogy Software Part One by Joan Skilbred
Oct 26, 2010: Genealogy Software Part Two by Joan Skilbred
Nov 23, 2010: canceled due to icy road conditions
Jan 25, 2011: Genealogy Software Wrap-Up and What are GED coms? by Joan Skilbred
Feb 22, 2011: Accessing Library Databases Online by Linda Patton
Mar 22, 2011: Member Brick Walls by FGS members
Apr 26, 2011: Morningside Sanitarium by Ellen Ganley
May 24, 2011: Noyes Home Tour by Keith and Amanda Blanchard

*2011/2012 Elk’s Lodge Antler Room
Sept 27, 2011: Lynn’s Tips and Tricks by Lynn Immel
Oct 25, 2011: Norwegian Research by Joan Skilbred
Nov 22, 2011: Researching Veterans by Frank Monsey
Jan 24, 2012: Genealogy Research and Programs using an Apple Computer by Elizabeth Cook
Feb 28, 2012: Alaska Probate Records by Alicemary Rasley
Mar 27, 2012: Nurse Daisy Keene by Tonia Smith
Apr 24, 2012: Daughters Of The American Revolution by Hazel Daro
May 22, 2012: The Battle For Immaculate Conception Church by Joan Skilbred

*2012-2013 Elk’s Lodge Antler Room
Sept 25, 2012: How to Organize your Research by Rose Mitchem
Oct 23, 2012: Publishing your information by Peggy Merritt
Nov 27, 2012: Spanish American War Research by Lynn Immel
Jan 24, 2013: Did your relatives head north during the Klondike and Alaska Gold Rushes (1896-1914)? by Anne Castle
Feb 28, 2013: Making Corrections in Family Tree Maker by Lynn Immel
Mar 27, 2013: Passenger Lists by Joan Skilbred
Apr 24, 2013: Alaska State Archives: Things found in their Stacks by Anne Castle
May 22, 2013: Tour of Pioneer Museum at Pioneer Park by Pete Haggland

*2013/2014 Elk’s Lodge Antler Room
Sept 25, 2013: Showcasing FGS Facebook page by Amy Stratman
Oct 23, 2013: Pros & Cons of Posting Online Trees by Lynn Immel
Nov 27, 2013: Genealogical DNA by Dr Peggy Merritt
Jan 28, 2014: Project Jukebox from UAF Library by Leslie McCartney
Feb 25, 2014: Show and Tell by FGS members
Mar 25, 2014: Life of Andrew Amodt by Cam & Bob Carlson
Apr 22, 2014: Morningside Hospital Update by Niesje Steinkruger
May 27, 2014: Surprise Topic by Joan Skilbred *at the Mining Hall of Fame

*2014/2015 Elks Lodge Antler Room
Sept 23, 2014: Fairbanks Pediatric History by Dr. Deely
Oct 28, 2014: Genealogy Fair planning & Member research walls by Lynn Immel
Nov 25, 2014: LDS Family History Center by Ann Kratzer
Jan 27, 2015: How to use Google Earth for Genealogy by Katie Kennedy
Feb 24, 2015: Data Storage Online, Offline and Security by Scott Southwood
Mar 24, 2015: Rebellion Due To Prohibition by Joan Skilbred
Apr 28, 2015: Religious Records for the Study of Alaska History by Rose Speranza
May 26, 2015: Pioneer Air Museum by Pete Haggland *at the Pioneer Air Museum

*2015/2016 Elk’s Lodge Antler Room
Sept 22, 2015: Using City Directories to Find Your Ancestors by Anne Castle
Oct 27, 2015: Let’s Get Organized by Lynn Immel
Nov 24, 2015: Copyright by Aldean Kilbourn
Jan 23, 2016: Metal detecting and it’s relation to the hunt for genealogy and local history by The Arctic Diggers, Daniel Camacho and James Fassotte
Feb 26, 2016: Brick Wall Busters by Anne Castle
Mar 22, 2016: Making a Difference – Indexing by Anne Kratzer
Apr 26, 2016: Effie Kokrine by Annette Freiburger
May 24, 2016: Tanana Valley Railroad by Martin Gutoski *at Pioneer Park

2016/2017 Elk’s Lodge Antler Room
Sept 27, 2016: Social Media and Genealogy by Anne Castle
Oct 25, 2016: Patents and Trademarks by Judie Triplehorn
Nov 22, 2016: Historical Auroras by Amy Stratman
Jan 24, 2017: Using Maps in Genealogical Research by Anne Castle
Feb 28, 2017: Gems from Fairbanks Newspapers by Anne Castle
Mar 28, 2017: Bottles and Cans by The Arctic Diggers, Daniel Camacho and James Fassotte *Elk’s Lodge side bar room
Apr 25, 2017: Life and Times of Eugene Swanson by Joan Skilbred
May 23, 2017: Morris Thompson Visitor’s Center Gould Cabin Tour

*2017/2018 Blanchard Family Funeral Home
Sept 26, 2017: Probate Records by Joan Skilbred *at the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame
Oct 24, 2017: Echo of a Secret Family by Michael Gibson *at the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame
Nov 28, 2017: Archives for Regular People (and how to access them) by Joan Skilbred
Jan 23, 2018: Funeral Home and Cemetery Records & Research by Keith Blanchard
Feb 27, 2018: Historical artworks and Locations of Historical interest by Ray Bonnell
Mar 27, 2018: Show and Tell by FGS members
Apr 24, 2018: History of the Military in Fairbanks by Nick Nugent
May 22, 2018: Trash Town; the History of trash in the Golden Heart City by Joan Skilbred

*2018/2019 Blanchard Family Funeral Home
Sept 25, 2018: Research insights learned from working on the Cleary Family library display by FGS members
Oct 23, 2018: Basic DNA for Genealogy by Amy Stratman
Nov 27, 2018: Homesteading by Anne Castle
Jan 22, 2019: Mineral Resource Development Prior to the Alaska Purchase by Tom Bundtzen
Feb 26, 2019: Daughter’s of the American Revolution by Mary Beth Groves
Mar 26, 2019: Everyone’s a beginner when starting to search in a new place and Navigating Wiki Pages by Anne Castle
Apr 23, 2019: Newspaper Research: Library of Congress and Google by Joan Skilbred
May 28, 2019: Scrapbooking: How it Expands Genealogical Understanding by Leslye Korvola *at Wickersham House Museum in Pioneer Park

*2019/2020 Blanchard Family Funeral Home
Sept 24, 2019: How I found my adopted great great grandfather’s biological parents using DNA by Amy Stratman
Oct 22, 2019: Join us for a step back in time for an evening with George by Mary Beth Groves
Nov 26, 2019: An Interesting Ancestor: Tantalizing Hints by Neta Stierheim
Jan 28, 2020: Beyond the Trans-Siberian by Leslye Korvola
Feb 25, 2020: Roshier H. Creecy, a Black Man’s Search for Freedom and Prosperity in the Koyukuk Gold Fields of Alaska by Peggy Merritt
Mar cancelled due to covid-19
Apr cancelled due to covid-19. Bakeries and Bakers of early Fairbanks by Amy Stratman, online on the website for members.
May cancelled due to covid-19

*2020/2021 All programs also on Zoom. 
Sept 22, 2020 (Wed): Fairbanks Community Museum by Bob Eley *at the museum
Oct 27, 2020: Bakeries and Bakers of early Fairbanks part 2, by Amy Stratman *at the Kilbourn Residence. Also on Zoom
Nov 24, 2020: My Strange Family by Amy Stratman. Also on Zoom
Jan 26, 2021: Fairbanks tidbits and FGS member’s genealogy discoveries. Also on Zoom.
Feb 23, 2021: Roller Rinks of Fairbanks by Aldean Kilbourn. Also on Zoom
Mar 23, 2021: But wait! There’s more! An Adoption Story by Amy Stratman. Also on Zoom
Apr 27, 2021: Piledriver and Chena Sloughs 1938-2020 by Bob Henszey. Also on Zoom
May 25, 2021: SS Nenana by Patricia Schmidt of the Friends of the SS Nenana. Also on Zoom

*2021/2022 All programs also on Zoom. 
Sept 29, 2021 (Wed): Fairbanks Community Museum by Bob Eley *at the museum
Oct 26, 2021 Joseph Strunka: A Česká Chicago Man’s Tale of Resilience by Peggy Merritt Lund, Ph. D. 
Nov 23, 2021 Baroness in Fairbanks by Lindsay Balmer
Jan 25, 2022 Davidson Ditch by Wes Potter
Feb 22, 2022 Axel & Anna by Amy Stratman, Zoom only.
Mar 22, 2022 What will you Find in the 1950 Census? Members will discuss this topic as a group.
April 26, 2022 Photo Restoration by Tom Payer
May 24, 2022 Walking Tour of Clay St Cemetery with Janet Richardson & Aldean Kilbourn, on location

2022/2023 Programs are available if you would like to make a presentation.

  • Sept 27, 2022 Fairbanks Grit: The Life of Dr. Aline Chenot Baskerville Bradley Beegler by Janet Richardson
  • Oct 25, 2022 Alaskan Blonde by James Bartlett
  • Nov 22 , 2022 Vachon Family by Janet Richardson and Aldean Kilbourn on Zoom only
  • Dec No meeting.
  • Jan 24, 2023 Alaskan Tokens
  • Feb 28, 2023
  • Mar 28
  • Apr 25 Japanese in Early Fairbanks by Amy Stratman
  • May 23 Walking Tour of Clay St Cemetery on Location